Fashionable Braces

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Today's braces can be fun and fashionable! New colors can be picked at every visit. You can choose school colors, holiday colors, favorite colors, or what-ever-you-feel-like colors!

"Fashionable Braces" are for patients who have clean brackets (no plaque), healthy gums (no redness, puffiness or bleeding) and no knocked off brackets. Be sure you brush well for clean braces and healthy gums. Be careful what you eat and how you chew so not to knock off brackets. Fashionable, clean and healthy all go hand-in-hand! Carrie and Maia will help you maintain and design your fashionable smile. Some choices can be limited depending on the stage of your treatment.

Colors are for both silver brackets and invisible brackets. Invisible brackets show colors very brightly and the two are a wonderful combination.

Here are some fun ideas! Or create your own personalized smile! The color combinations are endless!

Silver Brackets with Colored Donuts

Invisible Brackets with Colored Donuts

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