Brushing is the most effective method for removing harmful plaque from your teeth and gums.  Getting the debris off your teeth and gums in a timely manner prevents bacteria in the food you eat from turning into harmful, cavity causing acids.

Most dentists agree that brushing twice a day is the minimum.  

You should use a fluoride toothpaste that is low in abrasion.  Be sure that it has the American Dental Association seal of approval.  Those that don't are too abrasive and they will wear away the enamel.

You should also use a soft bristle brush.  Do not use a medium or hard bristle brush.

Brushing technique

The most important technique is to brush SOFTLY.  Dental plaque, which cause gum disease and initiates cavities, is very soft and mushy.  It wipes off very easily, like dust on furniture.  The lightest swipe easily wipes off dust and the lightest stroke easily brushes off plaque.  So, do not scrub your teeth; just dust them!  Brushing too hard causes the gums to receed and it will wear away the softer exposed root surface, forming a notch in the tooth at the gumline.  New wear on the root surface will cause the tooth to be periodically sensitive.  Toothbrush abrasion is the greatest cause of sensitive teeth.  It is easy to brush softly, but you will find it very difficult to do - people love to brush hard.  Remember, every time you brush - Dust them, don't srub them!

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